Importing Data into the Phone Number field

Hi, I’m trying to import my data through the frontend.

I upload the CSV and map the “phone” column to a field of type phone number.

But the field remains empty. I’ve tried the following formats:

  • 9173930220
  • 19173930220
  • +19173930220
  • 917-393-0220
  • +1 (917) 393-0220

What’s the correct format for importing phone numbers?

I’ve got confirmed that import to this field type isn’t supported yet. And it made some trouble even the fields was empty after import. Had to switch to text format.

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We’re working on this soon folks, for Full Name, Phone Numbers and Address Fields.

@solversen we did fix the issue post-import, so even if the value is saved badly during an import it won’t cause any issues any more

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Having the same issue with the import of telephone numbers.

When this is resolved, i assume that we will have to import telephone numbers with the international prefix? i.e. 353xxxxxxx for Ireland, 44xxxxx for UK and so on. Asking as we are based in Ireland, and by default, the call records we work with do not include the international prefix for Irish numbers, but do for other geo’s.


Hi @cizict - we’ll hopefully figure out how to support both somewhat reliably

We’re going to be working on it this next week

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