Rich Text Editor: Support for Headings

Love the fact that Noloco offers a Rich Text Editor - But its a shame headings are not supported at the moment.

Would love to see support for H1/2/3 :slight_smile:

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It would be great to understand why youโ€™re using the rich-text editor, so we can understand the use-case behind headings

Thanks for the suggestion though!

Different use cases but mostly for Notes, Descriptions, Protocols etc within Projects and other.

Basically without Headlines you cannot really archive any hierarchy in the โ€œdocumentโ€ so I tend to Use Notion or something similar. But then it kinda defeats the Purpose of a custom App if you need another one just for Notes :wink:

Makes sense - thanks for suggesting it

Itโ€™s something we could definitely consider letting you enable

For most people, the rich text is just for things like bullets, bold and links, but I can totally see why more control would be important

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Another Sidenote for the Rich Text Editor:

Would it be possible to use a higher font weight for bold Text?
Currently it seems to be just one above regular Text so its quite hard to distinguish.

Its a small thing but it would make quite a difference for the usability of the rich text field i think.

Here is a comparison between Airtable and Noloco: