Rob Jouvenaar -

Hi! Nice to meet you. Nice to belong to this community. I am a self-employed entrepreneur. Until now in Business Intelligence (with Power BI) services, but now started a new brand ( | to provide services in the field of office automation with nocode & lowcode tools. Noloco is one of my favorites. I want to learn more and more and share that knowledge here with others. I am developing a SAAS solution for managing projects based on… SmartSuite and Noloco.


Welcome Rob :wave: I can’t wait to hear more about this project and learn from your experiences. Looking forward to your insights and contributions to this community!

Great to meet your, Rob! I think it’s easy to fall in love with things like Noloco when you are a data lover. Noloco is awesome!

Hi @nathan,
Yep. I’m still exploring the (load off) possabilities.
Last new insight: Progressive Web Apps.
Are you building solutions? For your company of as consultant?

I’m a part of the Automation Helpers team. We’re consultants that help businesses implement no-code tools like Noloco.

Hi @nathan,
Nice to meet you, Nathan. I now also follow you on LinkedIn. Of course I know Automation Helpers from the many videos by Dan Leeman. You are really one of the “Go To” parties on the market.
I see that you are from the Lima area and Dan is from North Dakota, so that is quite far apart and I assume that you mainly work online.
I come from Europe, the Netherlands, The Hague. I have a Business Intelligence and Data background and have just started www. Via the “hire an expert” list of it looks like I will soon get my first real customer… :slight_smile:
At the moment I mainly focus on SmartSuite (certified consultant) and Noloco, probably soon also Make. I am expanding my network and have built up great contacts with and Based on the example of NoCodeEngineers (become an engineer page), I am thinking about building a network community of nocode & lowcode specialists. Because it’s actually crazy that everyone is reinventing the same wheel, isn’t it?
This way we can jointly profile the “No-code” development software message and through collaboration ensure that customers can always be served, regardless of demand and technology. Where the specialists are paid according to the services and value they have provided and the lead supplier receives a small kick-back fee: a real win-win-win situation.
I would like to explore further whether we could work together by sharing insights and knowledge and later possibly serving customers. We’ll see how things turn out, but we’re just organizing the coincidence a bit. - Rob Jouvenaar +31 6 37649039