Schedule workflows

Being able to create workflows that are time-based. Eg to set up just like workflows fixed on time. Such as that a certain time of the day or a day of the week, etc. should run a workflow with certain actions. Just like we have today with workflows. Or are there any tips on how to build today? For example trigger via zapier to noloco to run a workflow?

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The only way I can think of is e.g.

Have a trigger in zapier that is triggered a certain day (it works) that updates a field in noloco for that record. As well as having a workflow that is set to trigger on changes, thus triggering action in workflow in noloco and for example back to zapier to do some actions…

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That’s a pretty reliable workaround @Phoenix

Scheduled workflows are definitely something we have thought about, but every workflow in Noloco starts with 1 record, so it’s unclear what that would look like for a scheduled workflow

If you could expand on your use-case it would help for sure

Scheduled workflows are quite a common request and would definitely be appreciated in Noloco.

Most commonly we find they’re used for daily/weekly/monthly reminders. E.g. a daily summary of tasks you’re working on, or monthly upcoming projects, etc.

right, I didn’t think that a record is required for that :slight_smile:

But if you could have new type of action button that you can set a time for it to be triggered in a list. e.g. all records in a list are triggered by a timed action which is then linked with a workflow etc? Then you can automate actions on records that is filtered thru a list.

Perhaps this can be done thru make but it would be more effectively within noloco app

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Darragh, I see what you’re saying about the issue with workflows being rooted in a record.

Perhaps these options in a hypothetical scheduled workflow might work?

  • Can choose to root the workflow in 1 record or many records (statically)
  • Can choose to root the workflow in 1 record or many records (dynamically)
  • If the user chooses dynamic, the workflow automatically pulls the records that match a user-defined condition. In other words, when the “Reminder” checkbox is TRUE, that record will be used in the dynamic workflow.
  • If many records are chosen, maybe force a loop as the next action?

Just thinking out loud…