Workflows triggered by time

I’m having trouble finding a workaround in noloco for some of airtable’s time based automation triggers. For example, I have a setup where tasks are assigned to my users and a deadline can be selected. If a deadline is selected I had it set in airtable to send reminders at certain increments leading up to the deadline. I can’t figure out any such system with noloco. I tried using the airtable automations to set a record condition which would trigger a workflow but noloco seems to ignore automation changes like this. Is there a workaround or should this just be a feature request?

Hmm I had a similar thought today and also wrote a post about this then I found your thread.

The only way I can think of is e.g.

Have a trigger in zapier that is triggered a certain day (it works) that updates a field in noloco for that record. As well as having a workflow that is set to trigger on changes, thus triggering action in workflow in noloco and for example back to zapier.

Yeah I’ve dealt with this issue before. I’d recommend Phoenix’s Zapier/Make-to-Noloco idea, but also it depends on your use-case. For example, what form are these reminders? Records displayed in a “Reminders” section of your Noloco app? Emails sent directly to users?

If its emails, then honestly I would say just have Airtable automations send the email out using their native feature.

But if a Noloco workflow needs to trigger, then yeah writing directly to Noloco through Zapier or Make is your best bet.