Smarter bread crumb and backlinks or customization

I’d love to see some control over breadcrumbs and backlinks, or just smarter behavior for them in general.

Backlinks: Currently we have no control over the title of the back link which causes some confusion with users. Here’s an example: my users are often working from pages with tabs such as my “projects” page which has tabs for details, budget, schedule, selections and more. From the budget tab for instance they will click a record, when they want to back out of that record instead of seeing “back to budget” they see back to “projects” which causes some confusion. Ideally the backlink would be “back to [project name] [tab]”
Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 11.46.28 AM

There is further confusion because the backlink is smaller than the breadcrumbs and the breadcrumbs more often that not are irrelevant to my users because it leads back to a broad record collection page which is hidden in favor of a more comprehensive page with tabs. Ideally the bread crumbs would more accurately reflect the actual page the user came from. Once a user becomes familiar with noloco’s breadcrumb setup it becomes a little easier to use but can still cause misclicks (even with myself) and lead to an unintended page.


Agreed on this, there’s also some annoying behaviour if you have hidden pages you don’t want users to access… A bad example but you’ll get the idea, let’s say we have projects and in each project we have the linked record of tasks and I only want my users to be able to see and access tasks via the project, if they then click into one of the tasks from the project the breadcrumbs give them “Back to Tasks” which then takes them to the hidden tasks page which they shouldn’t have access to.


User Navigation is still an issue I am struggling with (perhaps due to a lack of understanding the “Navigate to” possibilities).

Essentially I would love to decide on every page where exactly (page+tab) a specific navigation button takes the user to.

I have turned the breadcrumbs off in most cases as it might take the user to hidden pages.