Updating LAT / LNG values in smartsuite address fields

Love the new Google Autocomplete feature in Noloco! It’s made data entry a breeze. However, noticed that LAT/LNG values aren’t updating in Smartsuite despite filling all address components in Noloco.

This means extra steps and API counts to fetch coordinates manually. Any chance we can sync this up? Would save us a lot of time and hassle!

Since our operations involve a field service team requiring navigation, as well as strategic geographic planning, accurate coordinates are indispensable to our workflow. Currently, we’re running a sync for the LAT/LNG values using a make.com scenario, but it’s less than optimal. This setup necessitates double-checking if records are visible on map views, adding unnecessary complexity to our workflow.

I know it is not easy to implement since the Smartsuite API doesn’t provide input for the LAT / LNG address components. However, I thought maybe the Noloco team can think of something :slight_smile: