Users redirected to home page when clicking a collection view

When users are clicking a record on a collection view within a records details page, they are jumping to the top page on the sidebar in navigation.

I have encountered this issue in the past when permissions were not set right on the view associated with the “row link” action.

However, I have confirmed access is on for the view, everyone has logged in and logged out, but the issue persists.

Yep, I’m experiencing the same issue - row links aren’t opening record pages, I’m unable to choose the record details in the action buttons either.

Hey both :wave: If you can share the app, page and user that you’re seeing this issue with we can try to take a look.

Based on my initial tests this is still working as expeted

I’ll confirm with my client that they are still experiencing this issue and then send to you if they’re still experiencing it.

I haven’t ran into the issue again, but if I do I’ll try to record a video.

This issue disappeared for me, but was odd. I’ll reach out if I experience it again.