View as another user moved

Hi, has the button for “view as another user” moved this last weekend? It was always on the right of the builder icon for me, today its above and is hidden by the help text as below. If I move the mouse around I can grab it if I’m quick but not easy :smiling_face:

You can move that entire button by grabbing the “grip” @garyGHL

The new layout doesn’t shift when you hover over it, so if there’s something in the way you can move it

Although maybe the tooltip is always in the way in this layout… we’ll have to think about that
Moving it to the right should solve it for now

I’m unable to drag it @darragh , tried in the app and chrome with no joy. Also tried CTRL + U which just opens source view.

No worries, I can get around it by switching to build mode, the icon then appears on its own at bottom left.