Ability to Assign Multiple Roles to a user

Use case I have a Customer Success Team that I want to give access to certain data, but there are also Managers that need access to a different set of data. So right now I have to Create a Manager and a Regular user for each department as a role. It would be much nicer to be able to say this person is a Manager and they are also in Customer Success, then they get both roles.

So that would be more like creating individual users by assigning sets (at the moment called users roles) of access privileges?

I did think about this when I first started using Noloco but over time I’m not sure if it’s entirely necessary? You should be able to accomplish what you need by adding some metadata to your users and then filtering what records are available based on that metadata in your permissions.

So (assuming I’m interpreting correctly) in your use case you would have your 2 roles of manager and user and you have a department table which stores all your departments and you have fields for managers and users to associate them with your departments which you can then use to filter records in your permission rules.

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Yeah I think it wasn’t working right for me initially to pull in the table of user data I have from airtable and tying it to the users.