Ability to display dates in DD/MM/YYY in forms


When setting up a form and choosing a date from the date picker the format is always the American way (MMDDYYY) instead of DDMMYYY.

In collection and details sections this is working fine already.

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Hi @JCW :wave: this is actually based on your computers language/locale.

Can you double-check that you have a UK/Ireland locale for English, or another European language

As you can see, on my computer it’s in European format dd/mm/yyyy

Hello Darragh!

This seems to be a strange bug in Firefox. All my OS settings are set to Germany and in Chrome this is working perfectly fine too.

In Firefox it is working in every section apart from forms. I have cleared the cache and checked all language settings but the problem persists. So fine for me to close this topic.

Thank you for your quick reply!

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If you could run this piece of JavaScript in the JavaScript console in any window it would help us narrow down the issue


Here’s a quick guide
Run JavaScript in the Console - Microsoft Edge Developer documentation | Microsoft Learn.

Hello Darragh,

This is the result:

A screen shot of a computer Description automatically generated


Thanks for sharing @jwitzmann - this identified a small bug in how we load locales for specific languages, de-DE being one of them.

We will have the patch available later today, no further action will be necessary on your side.

Thanks for your patience and your help in identifying the underlying issue

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Hello @darragh I can confirm the patch solved the problem! :star_struck:

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Thanlks for mentioning it! Glad we could help