Save Record/Action-Buttons as Template/Symbol

Both Record & Action Buttons are great but unfortunately it is very tedious to set them up and update them if you have a bunch of identical ones across your App.

It would be awesome if you could save an Action Button as Template or Symbol and then have other Instances of that Button Across the App.

Then once you edit one (or the Master) Instance, all other instances get updates aswell. This would speed up building a lot and would actually make it possible to maintain bigger Apps too.

In a next step it would be even nicer if you could make instance-specific Changes to a Button/Overlay.
So For Example you have a Button “New Task” that is on Dashboard (Blank Page) and on a Project Record-Page. Now both overlays are the same except that on the dashboard, you get to choose a project manually whereas on the Project-Page, the linked project is a hidden field linked to the current project.
Or maybe in some instances you want to show certain fields that you dont want to see in another instance.
Basically a partial manual Overwrite of fields within the overlay of the button.

Record Buttons would necessarily be Collection specific, Action Buttons could be quite universal I think.


Additional idea for this:
Maybe those record and action buttons could have a folder and a preview for editing.
Folder: for example between „menu“ and „hidden pages“. I guess for record buttons that are tied to a speditivem collection it would make sense to have subfolders so it doesn’t get too messy.
If you click on an item, it will open a blank page with the button overlay open. Now you can edit it’s fields visibly and access the settings.
This would also make it much easier to have a better overview over the buttons used across the app and to check for design and ux consistency.

To add to this…
it would be great if we could have a ‘copy from’ or ‘copy to’ option so that buttons from the same collection on another page could be copied over to the collection we are adding/working on.

My use case:
I have tasks in 4+ places in an app.
For each of these I have to build out the action buttons on every collection.
It would be nice if I could copy the actions already built out from another collection view.

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