Possibility to display Action buttons based on the chosen tab

Hey there I really LOVE the possibility in Noloco to use tabs. From time to time though I would like to create contextual actions that only apply to the currently selected tab. At the moment I don’t see any possibility to do that.

I have a usecase where I have 15 related tabs to one record. This would mean 15 buttons to be added to the top of the page to be able to add new contextual line items to each tab, which is not user friendly.

The only way around that is to add elements on the collection view level below but then I cannot prefill related information which raises possible errors and decreases usability.

Hey @JCW :wave: Have you tried adding an action button component to the tab instead of adding the action button to the header?

The functionality should be 100% the same, so you should be able to fill in your form as required.

We have thought about this before, but because you can add action buttons to the page/tab it doesn’t feel like it solves a huge amount, while introducing some complexity.

That said, we’re still open to it

I am unsure on how to add an action button on a tab.

I am only aware how to add it on header or block level.

Can you show me how to add it on tab level? And will it then also inherit the parent record values?


I do mean adding it as a block/component and assign it to that tab

OK, then the disadvantage remains that it will not inherit the parent record values. And this is one of the major reasons to add actions at header level…

Those options should 100% have the same options as the ones in the header.

Do you find this is not the case?