Sync Action Buttons Across All Views of that Table

If I add an action button to a grid-view of records, the button will automatically be available in the single-record view of one of those records.

For example, the buttons on my Submissions table automatically sync to each Submission so that I can toggle it on in one click:

But if I create a table element within a page, the button will not automatically sync. Instead, I’ll have to recreate the button with all of its action steps.

It would save a lot of time if Noloco stored action buttons on the Table/Object itself (not just on the page view) so that the toggle option syncs across the app.


I like this idea! We use the blank pages a lot to make different suites for staff on different departments. Even though they sometimes perform the same actions on views / records. Right now I have to rebuild the same action buttons many times and remember what buttons I have to change if an action changes.