Calculating new date value

I’m trying to calculate when a warranty expires for a list of product in a table. In the product table I have a purchase date and in a linked/related table I have list of duration of the warranty (in months) for that product type.
Is there a way I can calculate to warranty expiration in my product table? Basically adding a number of months to a date.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @esben, not sure this is the same as what you need but I also need to add periods to dates, in my case years.

This works for me, maybe it helps? I spent a while on this until I realised I couldn’t use a formula field result in a new formula field.

In this example I am adding Years (Product Term) to a date (Signedupdate)

Thanks! This is super helpful. Somehow I’m unable to select date as type when creating a formula field. Am I missing anything?

Ah, I figured it out after a lot of testing and taking hints from this answer. Thanks!

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