Collapsible Blocks with Sections

This one has come up a couple times now, so dropping it here!

I would love the ability to put two sections into a single container (‘Block’) that can be easily collapsed/expanded.

Use-case example: let’s say I’m creating a ‘Contract Details’ block. Inside that block would live a 25% wide Gallery section to preview a contract then to the right of that is a 75% Detail section. It would be great if users can toggle to expand/collapse the full ‘Contract Details’ block. And to take it a step further, to have the ability to conditionally expand/collapse that block by default would be amazing too! For example, contract unsigned: default to expanded; contract signed: default to collapsed.

Hey @Brandi_Bullock , this sounds really similar to this other suggestion, which as I shared on that, it’s certainly something we want to support!