Containers in the builder for grouping elements

Feature Request: Containers in the builder for grouping elements

  • In summary, a container would be an element you drag into the “Record view” section on the left-hand side when in build mode (see below). Then, you would drag elements into the container that are now “part” of that container.
  • It would not be an on-screen element, but rather something that helps the actual build process and makes handling many record view elements much more manageable.
  • This is a quality-of-life request, one that would aid (1) better organization within the builder, and (2) simpler management of conditions for multiple record view elements.



  • Containers can have conditional logic applied to them. In that sense, think of these as the existing “Sections” feature in forms which allow you to group elements of your screen together so you can more easily manage them.
  • Containers should be click-and-draggable, for easier rearranging within the “Record view” or “layering” section of the builder (see image above).

Additional Context

  • I think this feature would pair nicely with the recent UI redesign. We already have a neat “Record view” section that sort of functions as a layer or order management tool. The next step would be to add containers to it (Glide does this really well).
  • I think the summary above speaks for itself, but just to give one concrete example, on some pages I have many elements in the record view. Say three of those elements (a detail and stages element) both need the same conditional logic applied. I must then build the same conditions into both of those elements.
  • That’s not a big deal in itself and happens all the time, but when I’m dealing with complex conditions it’s frustrating to rebuild them (and update them) for every single element that needs the same set.

For example, here’s some fake conditions for displaying a detail element, a stages element, and a file gallery element (that holds a contract PDF):

Logged in user > clients > role = Admin
Record > Stage is one of Reviewing, Signed
Record > Contract = "Latest"
Logged in user > employees > role is one of Admin, Account Manager
Logged in user > role > builder = is true

So that’s all well and good, except that I need to go through building those conditions for the detail element, the stages element, and the file gallery element. It’s a lot…

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Thanks for all the context @buildwithjoel I think you’ve summed up the reasons and the potential solution perfectly.

We’ve thought about this a lot, and it’s certainly something you’ll see in Noloco in the future. Timeline is still TBD

The redesign took all of this into account in fact!


Yes!! Happy to hear that :raised_hands:t3: