Comment notification bubbles on records

Feature Request: Comment notification bubbles on records

  • Passing this one along from a client… fantastic idea. Right now, responding to comments is only enforced by users themselves as a manual SOP, or through the notifications “hub” in the bottom left of the page, or the email notifications.
  • It would be a valuable add-on to be able to see notifications in-line. Being able to quickly tell which records have unattended comments would be an absolute game-changing visual queue.
  • See the mockup below, particularly the right-most column (apologies for the low res).

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 8.34.27 PM


Great idea! Airtable already has a similar feature (it simply shows a total comment count rather than unread comments) and would be great to see something similar in Noloco!

Airtable currently show it next to the first column in your list (see SS below) - I think it’d be neat if we had control of what column it goes in.

Also another feature that is somewhat related (happy to make another thread if needed) would be the ability to show the most recent comment in the record list, this has been requested numerous times by clients both for AT and Noloco - no one does this atm!

I think having a total count of the comments is fine, but maybe bold or some other icon means that there are unread comments.

That’s the key thing here—being able to tell, at a glance, that a record needs attention.

And as far as the other idea goes, I like that! Perhaps clicking on the icon expands a side panel or a pop-up with the comments, for a cleaner experience, just a thought