Comments as a table

Tried searching for this as I’m sure it was asked previously but cant find it now.

We are in testing and some feedback I’ve had is about comments. I added them to all my pages, the users love it but have all asked how can they retrieve them at a later date.

As an example, we have a mortgage lead, the staff-member adds a comment about some documents they need to chase next week. Presently, they need to remember which lead it was, if they even remember at all :slight_smile:

It would be great if the user who added the comment could load a page/table with all their comments and work through them.

Thank you

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Side question - would a built in concept of “Tasks” be equally as helpful then, to add a task based on a comment?

More like a CRM

I guess so @darragh, the comments sections are great in my opinion, quick & easily accessible but the end users it seems are using them as mixture of notes/tasks.

One user said they read a comment/note last week at some point but now cant recall which record it was so its lost. They asked if they could have a table which stored their comments/notes or anything they were tagged in for future reference.

Another solution would be the notifications center, which would bring them back to any record they’ve been notified about

At the risk of sounding stupid, where would I find the notification center @darragh :smiling_face:

I think we work differently, all our advisers only access their own data so don’t really message other users about individual cases as such. All their notes/comments would most likely be for themselves rather than sharing information on a client/lead.

It may be I need to look at creating a tasks tables and link it to the clients or leads table so any notes/tasks are stored for later retrieval.

Notification center / bar :point_down:


Oh yes, sorry I have seen that. I think I’ll need to create a tasks/notes table and try to make that look like the Noloco comments which is very slick. Or maybe even a task calendar.

It wont be used company wide for messaging as such, just for staffs own notes on individual cases or clients but searchable so they can retrieve or see them all at glance. Any one adviser could have upwards of 100 live cases which I’m guessing is why they asked me.

Thanks anyway @darragh