Additional Comment Functionality

The record comment feature works great for much of my use case with one major limitation: there’s no way (that I know of) to reference recent comments or see what a most recent comment was made. My intention is to have different discussion threads (records with commenting) within their project. But my team needs a way to see an overview of comments even if they weren’t specifically tagged in them or following the record comments. I can put all the discussion records on a single page but a user would have to click into each one to check for recent comments on records they aren’t following.

Additional workflow functionality for comments would also be great. We can add a comment with workflow but can’t trigger a workflow with a comment.


We would love to embedd comments much deeper into the user experience of our portal as well.

While commenting on a specific record page works well (while you are on that page) keeping track of all you commenting history seems to be (from what I could find) difficult.

Yes, you get notified, when someone comments somewhere you have commented. But I would think that gets overwhelming when you comment a lot.

A central place/function on the user level that allows for tracking and viewing all the comments they have made woul be really great.