Conditionally make hidden form field visible


  • See the image below as a reference for my example. At times, I’ve wanted to prefill a form field, such as a client’s Date of Birth. It should be filled with the Date of Birth field coming from the Clients table.
  • However, sometimes this field will be empty, upon which it will need to be collected. So there’s my issue: if I make it hidden so that it passively collects the client’s Date of Birth, that’s great until they don’t already have a DOB value. In that case, the form will be submitted and the DOB will be empty.
  • I’m getting around this with some workflows but ideally you could just conditionally display a hidden form field.

In other words, you could have a section in the window below that allows you to create rules that, if true, causes the field to display on the form. That way, if the client has a DOB in the system, it will be prefilled. Otherwise if the client doesn’t have a DOB in the system, the field will display.

Method 1 - Conditionally display a hidden form field

Here’s another possibility for approaching a feature that will fix this issue.

Method 2 - Self-reference a field in conditional visibility

  • In this method, I would have my “Date of Birth” field set to have it’s default value be the client’s date of birth. Easy. But then the field is sitting there visibly, with a pre-filled value which is just ugly and, depending on your use-case, unacceptable if that datapoint needs to be hidden. So I went to conditionally display that field only if there is NO default value. But I found you can’t do that… yet :slight_smile: