Creating new schedule record prefills wrong date field and cant be changed

On a calendar month view if I click one of the date boxes on the calendar a new record is created (which is awesome) but the end date field is prefilled and start date is not. I can’t figure out how to change it so that either both are filled or only the start date is filled. But…even if the start date is prefilled correctly it should still be optional to change it.

That’s unusual @onlymatt and thank you for reporting it.

Would you be able to share the link to that page with us?

This is the page from the example but it seems to be universal on our calendar modules.

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Thanks @onlymatt - I see the problem there, I’ve flagged it with Engineering!

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Looks like they got the basic issue fixed so maybe this is more of a feature request than anything? The dates that are prefilled when you click on a calendar slot are not editable. If you want to create an event in this way its only a 1 day event since you can’t manipulate the end date. Also, if you accidentally click the wrong start date you’d either have to cancel the form and click the correct date or submit it with the wrong date then edit the record. Very inconvenient either way.

Thanks for the context Matt - that is the case with prefilled fields. We’ll have to think about this a bit more