Edit Multiple Action Buttons Clarification

So I have just realized that if you have an action button for a collection and you enable “edit multiple records” ONLY 1-click buttons show up as available actions. This is in fact great, because there is the white tooltip popup that asks if you want to perform this action on multiple records, BUT then it requires another click, aka 2-click :wink: I’m totally fine with that!

Here’s my use case: bulk deleting records… I want to give the ability to delete a record, but with a modal, that requires confirmation. If I have it as a modal, it doesn’t show up when you select multiple, which is unfortunate. If you set it up as a 1-click, then it shows up, gives the 2nd click tooltip, and works great, BUT then I risk users accidentally deleting records with the action button on the individual record.

Here’s a screenshot and would love the ability to bulk delete records, but deleting should always have an option to “confirm”.


Thanks for all this context Rob, I can certainly see why you would want it to behave this way

We don’t have a workaround right now - except maybe using CSS to hide the delete button on individual records (it’s a different button when you use the bulk action)

Yup was thinking CSS would be the win. I’ll find the selector and post for everyone

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