Allow multi-step modal actions in bulk updates

what would make a huge differences to one of my apps in an enhancement to bulk actions. In our app we have a join table between the speaker and sessions table (it’s a join table because a speaker can be added multiple times to a session). What would be amazing is if the user could select a load of speakers, then choose the session that they want to add them to as part of the bulk update. So effectively allowing multi-step modal actions in bulk updates.

I see other use cases for this; so maybe you want to bulk update the select field for multiple records, rather than creating a button for each select item (which is how you’d have to do it right now), the user selects the records, then selects the appropriate select option.


We have countless use cases for bulk actions in collection views. Best for us would be dedicated bulk action buttons that would appear up where the import/export buttons show at the moment.

Bumping this as a great request