Enable bulk actions trouble

I’ve not yet been able to make bulk actions work effectively. I’m wondering if I’m missing something or if it its a bug. I have an action button that effectively copies a record by creating a new record and filling in values from the old. When I enable bulk actions it creates the correct number of records based on how many were selected but the values are not correctly filled (they are left blank). The action button works fine on individual records consistently but I’ve never been able to make bulk actions work. Help?

I also got stuck with this, works fine for 1 record but not multiple

I didn’t change anything on my end, but re-enabled bulk editing a couple weeks ago and now it works fine for me. @Landbronx I’m not sure if there’s a trick to it but I have it working well in 2 different applications now.


Ok cool!

What do your actions look like? I was thinking maybe it has something to do with the phrasing being singular: “a new record”, but cant see any alternative.


No that shouldn’t be the issue. I have one that uses bulk action to copy records (often dozens at a time) using create new record:

and one that updates bulk records:

Are you sure you’re clicking the bulk action button that appears at the top of the collection and not the button on an individual record?

Embarssingly… yea that was actually it. And that I had “modal” and not “one click”, thank you very much!