Embedded list of documents from a cloud storage platform

Hi Everyone

I would like to embed a list of documents into noloco and have single documents presented on a record level.

They use 365 but the security setting do not allow you to embed that platform. The admin team love to use 365 and at the moment they share a folder via a URL. The massive advantage is that the files change quite a lot and the admin team do not have to worry about “sharing” the files again as they are the same ones.

So the idea is a cloud based file storage that has a windows / mac widget that makes it easy to work on files locally but then also easy to share to partners on noloco.

So far I have tried:

Dropbox: could not get that to work at all
Box.com embodied as a iframe and looks like you might be able to remove their logo. (looks a little clunky)
Google drive: was easy and looks nice and clean but when you preview a file it is obvious that you are using google drive.
cloudinary: Looks like you need to use APIs

Has anyone do any suggestion to integrate read only PDF documents for users to download in a low code platform that is easy for an admin team to change the content of the files ?