It's possible to embed FROM Noloco?

It’s fully documented how to embed into Noloco, but I want to know if I can create a page (with cards for example) and show those cards in another site. Therefore creating an embed to use in wordpress, for instance.

Hi @AcervoVivo, I’m not a Noloco expert so someone may know better but here’s what I think.

You can create an iframe in Wordpress with the Noloco URL but I think you face a few stumbling blocks.

  1. If your Noloco app is behind a login then the iframe will show the login page, rather than the cards.
  2. Its quite tricky to target iframes to the exact locations on external pages, it can be done via JS but in my experience its not great. So, your iframe would show the top/left menu and whole page unless you find a way to target just the cards, and even then you would need to know the div id/target in the Noloco page.

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I’m a Noloco newbie :slight_smile:
I was using AirTable and I was using the embed code, but the interfaces weren’t helping me.
So I though that I could do everything with Noloco (embed and interface), but seems not. Or I didn’t found the way to share te information for whon that doesn’t need to login.

@AcervoVivo I haven’t tried this myself with Noloco, but it may prove easier to use Make or Zapier to fire the data into the Wordpress MySql database and query/display it there.

I used to do something similar with WPData Tables, a WP plugin that allowed you to display Database content in charts, tables etc.

Just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:

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