Embedding Loom Videos

Has anyone else had issues with embedding loom videos when adding a loom share URL to a video embed page element?

When I do this I see only a blank video player interface but nothing plays and none of the controls work.

P.S. I understand these can be uploaded to YouTube and then added via their platform, but I was wondering if this step was required for some reason, or if I was doing something wrong with the loom URL’s.

The Loom “share” URL is not a direct URL to a video, it’s actually a webpage that should be embedded through our iframe component.

You’ll find that if you add it there, it will work completely as expected

Thanks Darragh!

Just in case anyone else is trying this, I found that the share URL directly didn’t work, but copying the embed code did.

This is using the Share URL directly in an iFrame:

This is when I used the embed code in an iFrame element:

You copy the embed code from the share menu here:

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Thanks @Dominic !

We might try to upgrade our Video element to support loom videos (in the same way it supports Youtube videos)

Hi @darragh - If you do add support for Loom, would that also cover Vimeo which, I believe, also requires the embed code/iFrame route?

Completely off topic, but you can also share video & documents direct from OneDrive for those using that :smiling_face:

For documents just add &action=embedview to the url, so the below embeds the document in full page.



We might tackle both of these at the same time, for sure, depending on complexity

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As Dominic pointed out you can use the iFrame module + data + the embed URL from the ‘share’ button within loom to make the embed work.

However, Darragh, I do think having native support in the ‘video’ module for loom would be great since the aspect ratios of the iframe embeds (based on the S/M/L/XL function) tends to make iframed embed loom videos look wonky – def something I’d love to see added!