Enable table collections

Hello, since my original mysql import I have added 2 more tables to the data source. When I sync and choose enable collections to bring these 2 tables into Noloco they dont appear.

Do I need to delete the source and start again, does anyone know?

@garyGHL you can schedule a schema sync here:

Thanks @darragh, I did run that earlier this morning, received an email saying its completed but the 2 tables still don’t appear in the enable collections options.

The options are below, the 2 tables I created are name inv1 & inv_2

What sort of fields are in the tables @garyGHL ?

Are they definitely tables and not views?
We don’t currently support importing views to Noloco

Definitely tables @darragh, I created them early this morning. I created 2 test tables adding the foreign key after we spoke yesterday, wanted to see if I could get it working before adding them to the main db tables.

Do the tables have a primary key @garyGHL ?

Only MySQL tables with primary keys can be synced to Noloco, I should have asked that sooner, my apologies.

Good point @darragh, just checked and yes they do indeed. Both have primary keys and foreign key