Adding/ Using Modules

I’ve seen this a few times when going to add a Collection or Page. I’m working in a client’s Noloco app, so I’m not sure if this is a feature they have toggled on somewhere.

What are these features and how do I use them? :slight_smile: Google search has not gotten me far, and I’m sure these are awesome features I could integrate.

When I’ve toggled them on to see what happens I either don’t know where to go to set them up or I’m not sure how these work.

These are legacy modules that might be enabled on some older customer apps.

They won’t work on newer apps.
Our goal is definitely to introduce them in some capacity again, but as of now they’re not functional.

The reasons for removing them are basically that they were too rigid, and we didn’t have enough resources to support making them as powerful as they could be.

If you’re seeing them on a new app could you let us know as we would like to prevent that.

That makes sense as to why I was seeing on some and not others :slight_smile: The app I saw it on isn’t a new one but I don’t know when they first created it.

All good, will look for them in the future :slight_smile:

That’ll explain it so!

I think I know which app you’re referring to, and it was enabled for them temporarily as a trial.