Error: Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded

I’m getting the following error in the Data section, but only on my Workspace and User tables: “Maximum call stack size exceeded.”

All my other tables are behaving normally.

Does this have to do with my internet connection, or is it something fixable on Noloco’s end?

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Hi @fundmore - this is something on our end, possibly related to the number of linked fields you’ve added to that page.

Because these pages load ALL of the data, depending on the config they can sometimes stress the systems.

I’ll share this with engineering to see if we can spot anything

That would make sense.

Alright thank you!

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Hi @darragh, I’m still experiencing this issue.

Is there anything engineering could do to fix it?

This should be resolved for you now - thanks for bringing it to our attention

Yep, it works now. Thanks a lot.