Expand split collection view

Feature Request: Expand split collection view

  • The split record view is nice, but I would like to be able to click a button like “Expand” (see the screenshot below), that pulls the user into a full-screen view of that record. Then, once you’re in that full-screen view of the base record, there would be a “Back to x” breadcrumb to take you back to the split view.
  • I realize this could be done through an action button navigating the user to a dedicated view of the base record, but that means unnecessary/wasted views.
  • Another solution I really like is to be able to click and drag the center divider between the list and the detailed view, such that you can expand or decrease the left-side panel by dragging it left or right. Ideally, the proportions would be “remembered” on a user/browser basis.
  • I think both solutions would be helpful because the split view allows you to quickly move through records without taking up the whole screen, while the ability to expand the screen real estate for any one record would allow you to focus in on that item if you choose to, without the distraction of the left-side panel.


Thanks for the suggestions @buildwithjoel :raised_hands:

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Great idea, I find I love split-view on my desktop but find the list takes up way too much screen real estate when working on my laptop so being able to expand the main record (or collapse/hide the list) would be awesome.

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