Filtered series not displaying on line chart

Hi All,

Not sure if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong, I’ve got a table which has predicted payments & actual payments and I’m trying to display this on a line chart with 2 series’ based on the record’s “type” field (which determines if predicted or actual).

When I initially create the series I can see the records in the chart, but the moment I filter it by the “type” field the records disappear off the chart.

The data is definitely there and matches the filter so not quite sure what is going on?

Ok so I’ve made some developments… It seems the bug in my OP is caused by creating a blank page instead of a collection page, for some reason this causes the filters to not behave properly, it seems to think the type field is empty (filtering it to is empty shows all the records on the chart)…

I’ve added a collection page and now the filters seem to work properly… kind of… I have another issue now where basically if there are values in both series’ then it doesn’t display either…