Find buttons triggering an on-demand workflow

Feature Request: A utility feature to easily find buttons that trigger a particular on-demand workflow

  • Right now you can identify what workflow any given button might be triggering by simply looking at the configuration for that action button.
  • However, identifying the reverse of that (i.e. which buttons are triggering any given workflow), is much more difficult. There is no way to do this other than (1) memory and (2) looking for buttons that use that workflow.
  • For on-demand workflows being triggered by multiple/many action buttons, this could be problematic when you want to update those buttons or simply have documentation for where in the app that workflow is being triggered from.

Proposed Solution

  • Within the workflow builder, and within any given on-demand workflow, there could be a section which displays every page path where there is a button triggering that workflow.
  • For a rough mockup, see the attached image below. In this mockup, that green area is a button that, when pressed, pops up a modal displaying each page path.
  • Alternatively, this could be a little section/window that displays by default, to the left or right side of the screen, or maybe even above the “Trigger” configuration pane.