"New comment in record" workflow trigger

Feature Request

  • The ability to trigger a workflow from a new comment record


  • This would be an incredibly huge value-add to workflows. There are many obvious use-cases, but my particular one is that I want to be able to automatically notify a particular internal team member (unbeknownst to the client/user leaving the comment) of the new comment.
  • But right now, comment notifications only occur when you’ve already participated in the thread or have entered at least one comment in the thread (or, unless you’re tagged directly).

Here to request this also! Several clients have use-cases for this!

One particular client is using comments as a way to track system activity/production for employees. I would like to run a workflow that will essentially create a track record of the comments in AT 1) for historic data purposes (this part may be excessive IMO, but for this use-case the comments will be relatively fewer, so shouldn’t impact record counts too much) and 2) for analytics (ie # of comments made today/this week/month/year, etc.) @darragh Hoping this and comments from action buttons features are higher up on the roadmap :smiley:


Agreed - this keeps coming up especially with one particular client of mine. Pretty crucial that we can detect new comments apart from a team’s SOP to be checking for new comments.

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