Header Filtering Inline

Hello, I think it would be a great addition to have column header filtering to simplify the interface while offering wider filtering options.

In the example below, each column has a filter which contains values from that column, I chose Bill Webb & Google ADs. The applied filter appears above with an option to remove all (x)

Thankful that Noloco does allow me to filter on all the columns, its just gets a bit busy when they are all enabled.


Agreed Gary. This will enhance the much-needed ‘reporting’ functionality if/when (hopefully) the feature is added that will allow users to show/hide fields in the table view. @darragh :eyes:

@Brandi_Bullock, that sounds interesting, whats the ‘reporting’ functionality?

Non-existent. :rofl: Something NL lacks currently, but I currently work around it with table views and the export button.

It’s clunky, but here’s what I do when clients need ‘data reports’

Set your column provisions on the global level.
Show all fields in the table view. (Or alternatively build ‘Quick Reports’ where the needed fields are displayed and nothing more.)
The user will only be able to see the fields he/she has permission to view.
Export button visible (also conditional upon permissions)
Delete the unneeded columns after download.

Like I said, not the most glorious arrangement, but it’s a working solution until the ability for users to add/remove fields is added.