Filter & choose columns to export from the Data Table

Currently, all table data is exported from the Data Table tab when you click “Export.” Would love for a pop-up to display when you click “Export” wherein you can choose to include or exclude particular fields prior to exporting.

In that same window, having the ability to configure pre-export filters would also be helpful. Rather than filtering the dataset (when excludes or includes data from the entire application, thereby affecting end-users’ experience), having a separate filter ability in the aforementioned proposed pop-up would be great so you can include/exclude particular rows prior to exporting.

The reason you don’t see a lot of functionality like this in the data tables (views, export options) is because you can achieve all of those things with views in the app.

For example, exports in the app only export the visible fields.

Just something to consider so we’re not confusing people by having two ways of doing things.

It also means if you regularly need to export the same set of data, then setting up an app view for that is likely much better and what you need.

I also have a client that would enjoy this feature. They have different needs at different times, and creating numerous views for each combination of data is less attractive than having a single table where they could choose ad hoc what they want to download at that moment.

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Agreed - My original request above did not really have end-users in mind, but more so builders/admins who want/need more control when trying to get the data into other areas of the business/other software tools being used.