New Noloco Database GUI Features

I spend quite a bit of time working in collections in the data section of Noloco - especially as I start adding local Noloco fields (especially linked records) to Airtable collections.

I have many Airtable collections in excess of 100 fields + local Noloco fields that I create in the process.

I would love to see added features to this section as working in these large collections is quite cumbersome at times. Finding the right fields takes time, scrolling past endless fields I don’t need right now.

I would like to suggest the following features (in order of personal priority) to improve the database maintenance experience:

  • It would be really helpful if Noloco field labels had a clearly different appearance (color) so I can identify them quickly. Right now they blend in with the rest of the Airtable fields and are therefore difficult to spot.
  • The ability to edit Noloco fields after they have been created. Rollup fields for example seem to be locked after they have been created.
  • A button that shows only native Noloco fields in an external collection.
  • The ability to reorder fields (at least I am not finding how to do that)
  • The ability to widen columns so the entire field label can be read.
  • Introduce views, just like in Airtable that lets me focus on what is important. The primary function needed at the moment would be a hide feature, that lets me create views that focus on certain aspects of my collections.
  • Filter collections by fields types: Show me all check fields, linked record fields, select fields, etc.

Let me fine tune what I said before:

We are increasingly seeing the power/value of using Noloco fields on Airtable collections. Our number one use is to link Airtable collections that are not in the same Airtable base. And with that link come many other fields and functions that will then rest on Noloco to perform.

While I perform my database work for Airtable fields in Airtable, I obviously use the Noloco backend for the Noloco fields. So my suggestions revolve around the need to better separate Airtable fields from Noloco fields.

For starters it would help if all Noloco fields for an Airtable collection were placed together at the front or the end of the table. But at the moment they are placed all throughout the table and I spend a bit of time scrolling around, finding them.

I don’t have as many fields as Tobias, but I think it would be helpful to be able to reorder the fields in the data souce view.

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