Higher Record Limits for Board View

For some reason the Limit for Board items per Group seems to be 5 (Or am I doing it wrong?)
It would be nice if that Limit was removed or at least set to 50 or something, right now it is unfortunately a bit ununsable.
Also the way the Navigation (Next, prev) works seems counterintuitive. It would make more sense to have those buttons under every group. + less space wasted.

I could be wrong, but it sounds like you need to adjust the ‘Page Size’ for the entire collection, that way you can get much more than 5 per group, if that’s what you’re seeing


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Hm this is odd. I saw this option but it didn’t work for me. I tried again now and it showed more but still not all Records on one Page (41 Records & Limit of 200).

I then changed the view to Table and back to board and now everything is actually shown on one page.

But great it works, guess this can be deleted then :slight_smile:

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