Import CSV hidden field value didn't fill

I just imported a CSV of about 30 lines here the field “entered by” is supposed to be filled with logged in user but none of the records were filled. I’ve used this import successfully before and had it work. I checked the settings and permissions to make sure they were correct.

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I think I’ve found the issue @onlymatt

The entered by collection field is using Logged in User > Id but the field is an Airtable field on the Personell table, so you should use Logged in User > App Users > ID where App Users is the name of your User List

thanks I’ll give that a try for the next import

I’m having a similar issue when importing Lead records.

The hidden field is a link to a Source record. I’ve selected the Batch page’s Source in the data picker.

But although the Batch (another hidden, linked field) automatically fills on the imported Lead records, the Source field remains empty.

I double checked and the current Batch page does indeed have a linked Source, so it should be automatically filled on the imported Lead records.

Is Noloco’s import feature not supposed to accept linked records as hidden fields?

If your collection has a link to another field, like the Job field in the example above. To link these records automatically during the import you need to put the Noloco ID of the Job into the Job column. You can see this in the example above, where the Job field is mapped to the job ID CSV column.

The Noloco ID is a number that represents the field. If you choose a text field (such as the display name for that record) your records will not be automatically linked.

Sorry, I see you’re referring to hidden fields - this should work as well.

It could be to do with your permissions… have you double checked them?

I’ve just checked and R/U/C is enabled for all fields on the Lead, Batch, and Source tables.

The user account I’m testing with has the Team Admin role, which can access all data anyway.