Import First/Last Name Individually into Full Name Field

Right now you can only import a single string into a field of type Full name.

But often the data to be imported contains one column for first name, and another for last name.

It would be great if you could map both of these into the same Full name field.

If you had multiple Full name field named contact1 and contact2, the accepted column headers would be something like:

  • contact1_full
  • contact1_first
  • contact1_last
  • contact2_full
  • contact2_first
  • contact2_last

The obvious workaround is to have two text fields for first/last and a formula field combining them, but it’d be nice to be able to use Noloco’s auto-structured Full name field.

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Great suggestion @fundmore - we plan to support this type of functionality in imports really soon

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