Kanban Board Scroll Bars

Most of the people using one of my apps love the Kanban view in general. I’m not a Kanban lover, but one thing that I noticed immediately with Noloco is that you can scroll the individual columns rather than the whole board (and you don’t lose the column headers when you scroll).

If I place a collection on a Kanban board on a custom page I lose the scrolling and frozen headers. Am I missing something? Is there any possibility of adding the individual column scrolling on the custom pages as well?

I see there is no other interest in this, but unfortunately it’s important to the key person on the team that will be using the app.
The start page has tabs for the individual user’s work items. One key tab is a Kanban showing their individual items, as seen below (from the test/dev app), using a collections component on the tab.

As you can see there are no scroll bars for the individual columns.
On the main Collection page there are scroll bars, so the user can scroll individual columns without altering the others or losing the header.

  1. Am I missing something? Is there a way to enable the column scroll bars on the collection within a tab or blank page?
  2. If not, is this something that can be implemented? It would make a more consistent app.

Hey @BillHoare - each column should have scroll bars if it exceeds the container, can you send us a link to that view?

Thanks for looking @darragh .
The link is https://testpipeline.noloco.co/page-34/your-pipeline

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Thanks for sharing @BillHoare - we’ll take a look at this, I believe it should behave as you’ve described, to make it consistent with collection views

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