More Help text, More Icons, More Column Summaries and More Actions

Hey everyone! We’ve got some wonderful features that have been added to Noloco since the last update to share with you all today!

Add Custom Icons to Tabs and Filter Fields (coming soon)

You can now add custom icons to tabs and filter fields, making it even easier for users to identify tabs and understand filter functionalities at a glance.

Tabs with Icons:

Elevate your app’s design by adding intuitive icons to your tabs. For example, use a shopping cart icon for a ‘Products’ tab or a gear icon for ‘Settings’, helping users to navigate your app more efficiently.

Note: tabs on icons will be coming soon, and will be rolled out gradually as part of a bigger update.

Filter Fields with Icons:

Clarify the purpose of filter fields by including relevant icons. A magnifying glass icon can denote a search filter, while a calendar icon might indicate a date range filter, instantly communicating the filter’s function to users.

Summarize Duration Columns

We’ve added a great feature to our column Summaries: the ability to summarize Duration columns to quickly tally the total time spent on projects, tasks and more.

Effortless Tracking:

Instantly see the cumulative time spent across all projects, making it easier to manage time and resources.

Grouped Insights:

Summarize time spent by collaborators, or by any other dimension to identify workload distribution and productivity.

Copy to Clipboard Action

The new Copy to Clipboard action allows your app users to easily copy dynamic text to their clipboard with a single click on an action button.

Seamless Copying: Automatically copy information like IDs, email addresses, or any dynamic text effortlessly.

Improved Efficiency: Streamline tasks and reduce manual copying for a better user experience and cut down on errors.

Help text for Details and Highlights

You now add help text alongside the label for fields on details and highlights components, letting you provide more context and guidance directly within your app’s interface.

Add Rich Help Text: Beyond simple labels, you can now add descriptive help text to each field, offering users guidance or additional information as needed.

Markdown Support: Leverage markdown in your help text to include formatted instructions, links, or emphasis, making your app more intuitive and informative.

Other improvements

There’s a host of other updates that we need to mention too

  • We added support for changing the color of Single option and Multiple option fields synced from Xano
  • You can now switch off either the “Unlink” button or the “Add related record” button when “edit related records” is enabled on a filtered collection component
  • Workflows can now watch formula fields
  • Formulas can be used in rollup fields

That’s all for this update! As always, let us know what you think about the new features, and if you want to request a feature checkout our feature requests

Darragh & the Noloco Team


I’m having trouble figuring out where to access the icon setting for tabs, help?

Also, I like the horizontal menu bar shown in your first image but haven’t seen how to switch to that.

Hey @onlymatt - the icons on tabs are actually only available in a beta right now.

There was a mixup in the product launch, but they will be available really soon to everyone.

The horizontal bar is also a teaser, which will be available as part of a bigger release not too long away

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Regarding “Help text for Details and Highlights”, I am looking but not finding where this can be added. Is this only available on the beta platform?

@Offbase - actually yes, that’s only available in the beta build mode, which we will be releasing to everyon very very soon!

Testing the new updates…liking it so far :slight_smile:, my bad…definitely loving it …