Action Button Tooltips, Customize your On-Save Action & File Fields in Record Images

:wave: We’ve got some exciting new updates to share with you, across Action Buttons, Forms, and generally view configuration options

Tooltips for Action Buttons

Our latest addition to Noloco allows you to add helpful tooltips to action buttons! This addition is all about enhancing user experience and clarity.

What’s new? Action button tooltips provide helpful text when users hover over an action button, explaining its function before they click it. This preemptive guidance boosts usability and user confidence.

But there’s more – these tooltips aren’t just plain text. You can leverage markdown to include links, emphasized text, or other formatted elements, making your tooltips not only informative but also engaging.

Implement tooltips in your Noloco app today and make your interface even more intuitive and user-friendly!

Customizable On Form Save Action

Great news for Noloco Business plan users! Our latest feature enhances your control over app navigation. Now, after creating a new record in the new record form, you can customize the next page that is displayed.

This gives you the flexibility to direct users to different pages post-save, like navigating back to the list of records or to the record page of a related record. You can tailor the navigation using static and dynamic fields from the newly created record, ensuring a smooth and logical flow within your app.

This update empowers you with complete control over the app’s navigation, ensuring a more coherent and user-friendly experience.

Get started by enabling the On-Save action today in the New Record Form today

File fields on Record Images

Enhance Your Noloco App with the ability to choose a File Field for Record and Title Images!

Building on our previous update that introduced personalized record images, we’re now offering even more flexibility and customization. Our latest feature allows you to use any file field when setting up record images or title images in your Noloco app.

What does this mean for you? If you’re using Airtable attachment fields to store images like profile pictures or logos, you can now directly select these images as record or title images in your app. This seamless integration enhances the visual appeal and personalization of your app, making it more engaging and relevant to your users.

To get started, simply choose a file field from your table in the build mode

Other Improvements:

  • Trigger a workflow when a user is deactivated or reactivated
  • Multiple line support in default values and hidden values of multiple line & rich-text fields
  • Support for MariaDB and other SQL-based databases
  • Customize the Row Link for linked fields across your whole app
  • Improved field formatting in emails, workflows and notifications

As always, we would love to hear what you think about these updates, and what should we do next!