"Navigate To" Actions to New Record Page

So when I create an action, select navigate to, and then Page, when I go to select the page, it will not let me select the “New Record” page that I new exists for the collection at /new. I have to select URL and type in URL path /collection/new. This makes it high risk of breaking an application if I refactor it much. Please make it possible to select the /new from the drop down.


Also, when you add that feature, also allow the selection of a tab page. I can select the base page, but I want to go to a specific tab. I can use the URL function, but it’s easy to break during refactoring.

I am now noticing that “New Record” pages is in the list. Either I was totally missing it, or you added the feature.

@James-StratoSecurity Hey! In one of my apps, I’m heavily relying on the /new navigational configuration, and I’m able to select it from the dropdown menu. In other words, that works for me. This might be a bug…

When it comes to tab navigation, you can leave out https://[example.portal.com] from the url but include the rest, and it’ll immediately anchor you to the desired page AND tab, but, to your point, it won’t change when you update your target page’s URL (or when you “refactor” to use your word). So I totally agree on that point that it would be nice to use the Page setting in the navigation action in order to get to a tab, rather than relying on the URL setting.

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