Tab-navigation for action buttons

Hey there! Currently, action buttons allow you to navigate the user to an external webpage (via URL), or to an internal app page. However, the internal app pages are limited to top-level pages, records within those pages, or new record layouts. I would love to be able to navigate the user to a specific tab within a record’s detail page. So, rather than landing the user on page = Clients, and record = Acme Corp, I would land the user on page = Clients, record = Acme Corp, and tab = Contracts (for example).

I attempted a workaround by copying my app’s url to the “Contracts” tab and setting the action button to navigate the user to an external webpage. I pasted that URL in, and dynamically replaced the recXYZ string (I’m using Airtable as my backend) with the current record’s UUID. The problem is that it takes way too long to load because it is opening a link. So I abandoned that solution.


This is a great suggestion, thanks @buildwithjoel !

This will work, and fast, if you remove the domain name from the URL.

So if you have

Just use /my-page/my-tab

Make sure it starts with / and we will navigate internally, without reloading the page


So glad this was asked. We’re going to be using this in the app we’re currently developing as well!

Superrr great to know @darragh thank you!

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