Page anchors for URLs

This is another one of those quality-of-life features. Would love to be able to point navigational action buttons or other links in the app, to particular pages, but even more specifically, particular elements on that page.

For example, and this would be my top use-case, in a collection I could have record buttons called “View Discussion” which (1) opens that record, then (2) anchors the user down to the comments element at the bottom of the page.

I see two parts to this feature:

  1. Any element in a base record view would have its own string that, when added to the page’s URL, will anchor the user to that element. This ensures there are actual usable links that could be used inside and outside of Noloco (I.e. Make/Zapier).

  2. Any element in a base record view could be selected from the “Navigate to” action within an action button, after first selecting the target page. That will route the user to the appropriate page & element upon button click.

I realize that two elements could have their width split at 50/50 so maybe the true solution is a new element called an “Anchor” that you add to your base record view. These “anchors” have their own custom slug that you can specify. This would be the most robust solution, I think.

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