Lookup fields, E-Signature Inputs, and Container Sections

Hey there, this is Sam from Noloco with some new updates to make your apps better than ever. This update is jam-packed with new field types and ways to capture data in your Noloco app.
Let’s dive in!

Introducing Lookup Fields

We’re adding a highly-requested feature to your Noloco tables: Lookup Fields. This new field type allows you to pull and display related data from different tables seamlessly, fostering dynamic and interconnected datasets.

Enhanced Data Relationships: Connect and display information from multiple tables without data duplication.

Data Consistency: Automatically update linked data across tables, ensuring accuracy and reducing redundancy.

Versatility: Use with various data types and integrate across different data sources like Airtable, Google Sheets, and PostgreSQL.

Getting Started:

  • Navigate to your desired table in Noloco.
  • Select “Lookup” from the field type options.
  • Choose the linked field and the specific data you want to display

To learn more, visit our Lookup Field Guide

E-signature Field

We’re excited to announce a major update to Noloco that will streamline how you do business! We’ve added a e-signature field option, designed to streamline your operations and enhance customer interactions.

What does this mean for your business?

Noloco’s new e-signature feature, allows you to collect signatures directly within your app, instantly, from anywhere. Draw, type, or upload, on any device.

Cost Savings
The eSignature field offers you a cost-effective solution by eliminating the cost and headache of third-party apps like Docusign. You can streamline your e-signature workflows and reduce the expenses associated with external platforms.

To get started, visit ourE-Signature Guide

The Container Component

Improve your page layouts with Containers. This simple, but powerful addition allows you to group multiple components, providing better organization and flexible layout options.

Visibility Rules: Apply visibility settings to multiple components simultaneously.

Flexible Layouts: Create complex layouts, including multi-column designs.

Efficient Use of Space: Fit more content on your pages effectively.

To get started, visit our Containers Guide

Other improvements

There’s a host of other updates that we need to mention too

  • Comment Notification Preferences
  • Dynamic Comment Notification URLs for better routing
  • Support Navigation Links in Folders
  • Support GPT-4o in AI Workflows
  • Add custom titles and descriptions to each workflow action
  • Auto-complete address field on any text field
  • Conditional Series on Charts
  • Limit file upload to specific document types
  • Support UPPER in formulas
  • Configure whether Noloco ID is exported when exporting a linked field

That’s all for this update! As always, let us know what you think about the new features, and if you want to request a feature checkout our Feature Requests

Sam & the Noloco Team


Excited to see this…but I am not seeing the Lookup field option in my data table. :pensive:

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Great work Noloco, the lookups are a game changer, pivot tables without queries will be next level :slight_smile:

Have you logged out and back in? It appears under the new field on mine in the tables section.

Seeing it now, had to logout and in multiple times. So definitely will check it out. :grinning: Thank you.

Sorry @Offbase we might have forgot to flick that switch! Glad you’re sorted now

I have been evaluating several popular No Code sites in the last week to figure out what would work best for us. I was leaning towards Noloco before this announcement but with the new Lookup field, it is now a “no brainer” what we are going to use!

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We’re delighted to hear that @sreynolds :tada:

There’s a lot more to come too!

Awesome job guys! Exciting!

I’ll add this to feature requests as well, but something that would be great is, with the “upload specific document types” option, under the document option (text, pdf etc) it would be great to allow for .md files (markdown)



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it would be great to allow for .md files (markdown)

Are they currently not able to be uploaded?

@darragh - Ok i just double checked,

it indeed does work when TEXT and/or DOCS are approved as a filter type

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