Noloco Database vs. Airtable


I’m in the process of building an internal tool for a construction company and was pretty sure it would be based on Airtable.
Now I looked into Noloco today, mostly as an interface builder for Airtable. I was able to solve the problem I was facing at the time but I also realised that it was awefully slow when connected to Airtable. I tried the same thing (Enter data and then have the new data be used in a formula) with the Noloco DB and it was much quicker.

I then checked out the Noloco DB some more and was surprised it looked very similar to Airtable at first glance.
I’m now debating if its better to just build the whole thing right in the Noloco DB. Because I needed an interface builder anyways and Noloco convinced me the most so far.

Is that a good idea or am I missing something? Is the Noloco DB better or worse than Airtable and if so in what ways?

To get a better idea of my needs, those are the main “components” of the tool currently planned:

  • project management
  • Planning of personell onto projects
  • Reporting
  • General ToDo Lists etc
  • Invoice Workflow
  • Some financial planning

One thing that will be very important (need to figure out still) is Document generation from Data. Also integration of email.

I know its very rough. But if anyone could give me their opinion on Noloco and their Database I’d greatly appreciate it.

So far my main concern are the 50k rows. seems very low and we would probably hit that limit within the first year.

So yea… any tips and ideas are greatly appreciated!


Edit: Okay I just realised that when I link tables, I cannot create a lookup field to see data from the Linked table? Or am i doing it wrong?

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We’ve worked on about 15 Noloco projects as a team and really love Noloco across the board. Noloco tables are very similar to Airtable (or SmartSuite) and the immediate updates are a very nice plus.

Next week Noloco has a launch week with a number of updates. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with some of the updates that are coming.

From what I’ve heard, lookup fields are on the roadmap for Noloco, but the nice thing is that if you’re using Noloco Collections there isn’t as much of a need for Lookup fields since you can easily display Linked Records in the UI.

Email integration is a bit trickier. We’re working on which does email integration for SmartSuite (and Airtable is coming soon!). We haven’t tackled it for Noloco yet, so your best option may be Zapier or Make.

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