Permissions bug

Hi There,

Every few days or so some of the filters on permissions on one of our client’s apps seems to bug out, it doesn’t actually seem to impact the end-users but is a bit jarring for builders and I never know if I update the permissions without fixing the filter if it will break it or not so I always go ahead and manually update it to the correct values which is annoying to say the least.

The data is coming from Airtable and the filter is basically just checking if the logged-in users exists in one of the fields, but every so often it just reverts to “Invalid item is one of Invalid item”.

Is this a known issue or is there something wrong in my config that’s causing this to occur?

Hey @EthosLuke :wave: When you see this error, does reloading the page fix it? It sounds more like a visual/UX bug than the actual values being incorrect…

If you can send us the link to that permission rule we can double check for you, particularly if it happens again

Hey @darragh, refreshing the page seems to have fixed it (except 1 table?) - any idea what causes that behaviour? It was a fresh browser session so I wouldn’t of thought anything was cached…

1 table is still showing the issue even after refreshing which I can easily fix but I’ll leave it ‘broken’ so you can take a look. I’ll DM you the link.